HealthNet TPO renewes its corporate identity and becomes Health Works

International non-govermental organization HealthNet TPO, established in the Netherlands in 1992 by Doctors Without Borders to bridge the gap between emergency aid and sustainable longterm recovery in post-conflict areas, went through a rebranding process and came through with a new name as of August 15 2017: Health Works.

Active for more than 25 years in regions disrupted by war or disaster, the organization works on restoring and strenghtening health care systems in order to rebuild destroyed communities in the long run. Without changing its core business or mission, and retaining the quality of their fields of expertise, the organization was in search of a new, fresh appearance that is more appealing to the new audiences and a better match to the present, fast changing and high pace internet era. With the new name and brand, the corporate identity changed, as well as a switch to a new, modern website. To introduce ourselves to the Dutch audience, Health Works also launched a media campaign in the Netherlands, starting August 15. You can find the new campaign on radio NPO1, in the FD newspaper and on outdoor as well as online.

Executive director Marc Tijhuis: „With pride we are looking back on the past 25 years! With renewed energy, we will continue building on our evidence-based interventions, together with local communities and our local stakeholders.”

Curious to see the new look and feel? Visit, read more about the campaign or become a supporter of our work and donate.